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Version 2.20 Released
It uses the built-in movie player, so you don't need anything special. You invoke it the same way as for the previous snapshot-based overlay functionality. I don't know the details of how RIVA commands are configured in CQC -- perhaps someone else can chime in with more details.
I think I know what might cause the auto-connect problem. I'll look into it.
Does anyone have anythinf (example would be good) on how to implement RIVA commands from within CQC. I can't find anything Smile
Brian, first, thanks for all of your hard work on the iOS Riva app.

I had been using RDP from my iPad for CQC, but when I saw you increased the cache, I tried the new version.

I am glad you increased the cache size to 1,024 images, however, I still have an issue. I have 700 or so albums, and around 900 movies, so this means that my cover art does not stay in the cache. I try to get as many titles on the screen at once, so that is 54 titles in the music browser, and 32 for movies. when I browse to a page that does not have the images cached, it can take up to 16 seconds for the screen to load.

I understand you are concerned with the app using too much storage. But I have made sure all of my cover art is small (~2.5 Kb each). but still, if you increased it to 2,048 images, that would only be 5 Mb, which really isn't that much.

Can you make it configurable, with the default at 1,024, and if we need to increase it, we can take the risk that the app crashes, based on how large our cover art is?

Again, thanks for all of the work on this...
This is a small thing but, would it be possible to allow scrolling in one direction but not the other?
Smart caching is probably something that has to come from Dean where the page + and - are all that are cached. Personally, I would think the cache should be depending on the available memory in the device and the user's willingness to bloat the RIVA client.

Actually the caching is in the clients. It doesn't depend on me. Well, one thing that still needs to be done on my end, and it will be definitely part of 4.4, is the ability to have permanent unique ids for media covert art images, so that the cache can survive a restart. Currently the client can cache images based on the path they get, but they can't be sure that such paths are still valid across a restart.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
In order to do smart caching, CQC would have to send them in a predictable fashion so a +1/-1 caching scheme would work.

The way it works now is that the clients get paths. If they already have the path in their cache, they won't try to reload it again. So it doesn't really matter what order they see them necessarily. They can just check their cache and decide whether they need to download an image or not.

What they can't do is know if the image has changed since they cached it. That's something that will should address in 4.4 certainly, presumably with a permanent id for images that includes a version stamp as well. That puts a burden on the repo drivers to maintain that type of info across loads of the repository, easy in our own repo but not so easy in third parties. Even if they provide a unique id, they probably won't provide versioning info.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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