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ISY99 - Changing an Enumerated Field in a Scheduled Event
Okay, maybe I am tired, but I have read and searched and can't find what I am looking for.

I have the Insteon ISY controller, and have a light in the office that I would like to control via the scheduled events. What would I need to do to pass an enumerated fieldwrite to change the light to on or off?

I have a scheduled event where I want to turn on a light in my office at dusk, and turn it off at 11pm. I already have my Jandy pool lights set up to do that, but they are not an enumerated field. I just want to add one more line of code to turn on the office light on/off.

If my driver is named Lighting, and the assigned name is Office, how do I add the Fieldwrite command within the scheduled field to change that light to on or off?
I don't know that driver. It looks to me like there's an On field, and you write the name of the one of the devices to it, so something like:

Devices::FieldWrite(Lighting.On, Office, True)

or thereabouts. For off, just change it to the Off field, so:

Devices::FieldWrite(Lighting.Off, Office, True)
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
That was what I was looking for. Just couldn't figure out how to pass that enumerated value to the driver. Thanks Dean!


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