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4.2 Followup Releases Info
wuench Wrote:Clear your browser cache if you see the 4.2.9 link...

Yup, that was it, thanks.
OH, and BTW, the last handful of changes between 4.2.16 and 4.2.17 (the official release) were as follows, just to get it on record for future reference:
  • The Tray Monitor needs to set itself as the foreground window before invokng the popup menu. Else the menu won't go away when you click on something else, since the modal loop that runs the menu apparently needs a loss of activation to get rid of the menu.

  • Have the window based interface engine count a double click as a click, in addition to the regular click, so that you can do quicker clicks where desired. Double clicks aren't distinguished in the IV anyway, so it doesn't cost anything and it allows for much quicker clicking.

  • The CQSL Media Repo driver wasn't doing a finalization pass after loading the data, which is now required due to the recent changes to support incremental update. So some stuff that is aggregated up from item and collection data to collection and title set level wasn't getting set.And the aggregation logic for media year wasn't quite right, allowing it to come out zero at the title set level in a lot of cases.

  • The code that updates the file open dialog's recent directories list isn't re-storing the list when it moves a previously used path to the top of the list, only if a new one is added. It should store the list in both cases.

  • There's an error in the e-mail account editor dialog box, where you press Add to define a new e-mail account. That will cause a memory access error if you try it, so you can't add a new account.

  • The advanced media item browser's SetMoniker command isn't working because it's not looking for the right incoming command name.

  • There's a goober in the new iTunes component of the Tray Monitor that, if iTunes is busy loading the database when the Tray Monitor comes up, and the Tray Monitor can open the COM interface but not yet load the main library list, that it will log an error really fast until the library list can be opened. And the error is incorrect to boot. That has been fixed.

  • Inability to correctly decode the cover art for a track in the new iTunes repo driver can cause the load to stop. It should just not load art for that track and continue.

  • The installer needs to remove the Tray Monitor auto-start task if the configuration is changed such that the tray monitor isn't being loaded or the auto-start is unchecked.

  • Close a possible hole where the web server might get caught in a rapid loop if the network is unavailable perhaps.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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