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jkmonroe's progress and IV ...
OK, so I am going to use this thread to keep my progress and thoughts. I am going to be using iPhones and iPads as control devices, primarily the iPhones. I also have a Nokia 770 on the way from eBay for some nostalgia.

This time around, I plan on using CQC less as a media controller, and more as an advanced 'Harmony' remote. I figure on a lot more back end logic versus direct control, although discrete control will be available.

These are the devices that I currently have for control:

- Yamaha RX-V1600, 3 zone home theater receiver
- Windows Media Center 7 with 360 extenders (2)
- Roku 2 XD (2 - hopefully Dean can pull a driver together)
- CheaperRFID (2 tags)

I need to find 2 controllable LCD/LED TV's, 1 for the LR (55" or so), and 1 for the MBR (37" or so). I also need to settle on lighting and 'security'. For the 'security', all that I plan to have are the door and window contacts with a motion sensor or two. I do not plan on an actual security system, just those devices to interface with CQC for some logic. I would like to find two cameras, but those can come later, if at all.

My thoughts right now are to go with Insteon, as they have lighting, contacts, and motion sensors that can all interface with each other outside of CQC, but also has what seems to be a pretty robust driver. The downside is that I have not heard too many good things about their product reliability. Even so, it seems to be a relatively inexpensive solution for what I am seeking.

I am running the Plex Media Server which houses my modest collection of movies and archived TV series. There is a 'channel' for the Roku boxes and the PMS does have a control protocol, but I am yet unsure how this will integrate. My current plan is to have CQC start the system, and then provide a simple transport remote that will interface with the Roku as well as using a standard remote control.

I also run Windows Media Center exclusively for recordedTV and football games (QAM networks). I have the old Vista driver working under 7 controlling my extenders with simple navigation commands. Again, I plan on using CQC to start everything, and then a standard remote for control.

iTunes has come a pretty long way, and while I haven't as yet tested this, my hope is that with iTunes match, the repo will update as I add new songs (I will probably have to reloadDB periodically). This is amazing functionality, because if I add songs from my iPhone or iPad, iTunes on the server will bring them in automatically. The CQC audio player will be my music maker.

So far, I have been playing around, getting a feel for the system again. I have also created some prelim graphics that I plan on using as I get everything together and move forward. I have mapped out my interfaces, and believe that I can pull everything together with 16 templates for the iPhone. I haven't yet designed anything for the iPad, which will invariably offer more control.

So here is what I have so far, just various buttons put on a template and viewed through the CQC iPhone app:

If anyone has any ideas on IP controllable TV's, preferably wifi, please let me know. I am also searching for the weather images from years ago that, I believe, Ripper had uploaded. They are the ones that are a lot more modern looking than the included pack, so if anyone has them, I sure could use them.

definitely going for the IOS look and feel. Strange, your interface is slightly different than mine. When I pull up my default template, it goes fullscreen and I don't see any of the network (cell) information.
Flamin' Noobie...
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That is an option in the CQC Riva client that I downloaded from the app store. Under the settings, disp, its the 'status bar' setting which you can hide, have in black, or white. I turned it on so I would still be presented with the time, signal, battery, etc.
the big thing which I am trying to do (with no success) is make 'slider' bars similar to the iphone sliders. I have the graphics for vol - and vol +, as well as the brightness icons, and I also have the slider bar, the color fill, and the button. however, I have not, as yet, been able to figure out how to make the slider color fill as you increase or decrease. once i can figure that out, i think ill be all set.
You might have to place a transparent slider over the top of a progress bar to make that happen.
Dean Roddey
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well, i cant find the damn time to learn CQC again, let alone build an IV. Argh ... most components in place but I feel like a moron for my complete inability to actually make it all work.

more later ...

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