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Blueray DVD options
I'm asking what most people are doing for their blueray needs? Our family is still using an older Sony 400 mega changer (regular DVDs only), but I'm thinking about finding a Blue Ray solution. We do not have a XBox or even a Blue Ray player in a computer.

We also use SageTV, but only have HD-100 extenders which don't handle ripped Blue Ray material very well from what I understand.

So what are people doing? Besides the Oppo, are there any other DVD players that CQC can control? What about ripped options - are there any decent hardware based players that I could control via CQC?

I'm looking forward to hearing how people are handing this in their own systems.


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I am using XBMC and Boxee, MyMovies as my repo and AnyDVDHD to rip (to ISO). AnyDVDHD will also allow you to play a bluray disc in tray from XBMC. Not necessarily hardware based... definitely takes a bit of maintenance, you have to update AnyDVDHD often to keep up with new encryption schemes.

Boxee is kind of falling out of favor, they have a lot of bugs they have introduced (I am running the old 1.1.1 firmware), so I do not recommend them. But XBMC runs on AppleTV, I am waiting for them to support ATV3 so I can get 1080p, then I will probably replace Boxee.
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I can't claim any particular breadth of experience, but I've been using the Dune HD player. It's very small and seems to work well. I just do regular file rips and the Dune plays then without problems. There's an occasional very short glitch, but that may be my setup in some way.
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I just sold 3 Sony dvd changers loaded with standard dvds which had been modded for CQC serial control.
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I use Media Center, Mymovies and .wtv format. Works ok but the driver is old and I don't think it's really supported anymore. I can load files from CQC ui and it works. I still use IR to control the player however. It's a bit to manage from the users perspective myMovies. Can you rip directly to your storage system from the Dune HD device Ui?

Dune HD is what Vidabox is currently using. No 3d Bluray support or am I wrong?
I use xbmc (openelec version) where is turns the PC into an appliance. Ripping is done on a PC and transferred to the raid array that is available to all media boxes on the network.

OE XBMC will auto update if you want or it can be done manually. Using the FLIRC IR receiver allows just about any remote to be used.

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I have an Oppo 93 (ISO firmware) with 8TB of storage on a Mediasonic box. I rip using AnyDvdHD to ISO and so far works great while maintaining HD Audio codecs.

I have been experimenting with the latest beta releases of XBMC that have HD Audio, and it has been working well playing the same ISO's as above. Not flawless, but I expect this solution to improve. I haven't integrated it within CQC but a driver is available.

For me, the best solution was no solution. I have a BluRay player on the Tv and computers, but after spending lots of time, money and energy, I realized for me it just wasn't worth it. On a 46" TV the difference in picture is slight.

I had some friends over recently and did some primary research. I discovered that if people are watching for it, they can tell the difference between BluRay and regular CD, but if not, and you ask them what they are watching, they can't reliably tell. Maybe when the 4K BluRay players and TVs start arriving in greater numbers I'll change my mind, but for now, I think its more trouble than its worth.
I'm still using sage 3xHd-200's, mymovies. I have a buddy at Google - he managed to get one for himself a couple of weeks back.
This bad boy is in my future: BDP-103 and here's the Manual and here's the protocol control manual

With the MHL capability you can add a ROKU streaming stick (only WiFi though)...



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