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Upside down screen

I think this has been requested before, but I cannot find it. I have my CQC RIVA app for the iPad 3 set to lock horizontal. But it is upside down compared with all my other apps which have the home button on the left and the hinged cover at the top of the screen. This seems to be the natural way to hold the iPad with the cover hanging backwards behind the screen rather than falling into your lap. Can you change things so that the screen can be locked, but with the button on the left or the right. A very minor point, but very irritating when I have to continually rotate the iPad to access CQC in the house.

I'll look into it.
+1. I've noticed that too but assumed I had not got around to finding the right settings. Smile
Yeah, me too. I mentioned this problem 6/27 in this post:

I think they are ignoring me though because I keep harping about the string rendering bug.

Now do you think that I should just change the default from one orientation to the other, or do I need to provide both options?
I use the ipad with the home button on the right. I dont have a cover so I don;t have that issue, but its never upside down for me.

But, if I close the session and go to the configuration pages, they are then upside down with the home button on the right.

My preference is to provide for both options.

Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
Providing both options is the best solution.

While some people, like PJG, want the orientation to have the cover fold over the top of the iPad, I have a cover that flips under to create a holder for the iPad. When I use it that way, my button is on the right hand side. But when I am not using the cover as a stand, it is easier to have the cover folded over the top which places the home button on the left hand side. So I can see where some people might want it one way while other people might want it another way.

I realize this causes more work for you, but if you simply change it to orientate the other way, then you will start to get request to orientate it the other way. So it is better to just bake both into the solution from the start.

"Really dear, it was too good of a deal to pass up. Besides, look at what it does now...."
I think my wife is getting a little tired of hearing this :-)
I think the issue here is about the format of the IV template. If you have a 1024 x768 template, then you always want it displayed in a "landscape" rather than "portrayed" mode. Can you not arrange things so that it automatically locks in landscape with the button on either left or right, depending on how you hold the iPad, rather than having to pre-define button on the left or the right.

I find that I get annoyed when the iPad reorients itself when I have it laying flat and, without meaning to, tilt it slightly in one direction or another. That would start happening if I allowed the app to autorotate between landscape orientations, defeating the purpose of the orientation lock from my perspective. I will think about a solution to the problem.
I think the idea is that the Orientation Lock switch you provide simply prevents the app from switching from portrait to landscape.

The iPad itself already provides several mechanisms to completely lock the orientation of the display (including one what is controlled by the switch on the side of the tablet).


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