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Official 4.3 Beta Release Thread
Version 4.2.920 is posted. It makes some trailing fixes in the RadioRA2 driver (correcting some not quite optimally done things that have been added since the last formal release.) And it fixes an issue in the auto-generation system that can whack if you if you don't have a security system configured for a room. And provides a wee improvement in the tabbed window control.
  • The RadioRA2 driver is sending out incorrect info in the load change triggers sent by switches. It's sending the configured name of the switch as the source field, instead of the actual source field name. Change this now before this new version of the driver gets out in an official release. Also, have it create fields for the occupancy sensors now and this means the motion triggers will be similarly affected since they will now send out a real field name. This makes sense so that the motion related fields can be found by semantic field type in the future. This could of course break an existing system using the betas that added support for switches and occupancy sensors and which are using the now incorrect field name info in a filter. These filters will have to be updated.

  • The recent change to have security panels provide some queryable info to the auto-gen system causes an issue now if you haven't enabled security, because the login popup was always being generated whether security was enabled or not. If not, then the security panel moniker was not set, but the generation code would still try to use it when generating the login popup. Change it so that it's only generated if security is enabled.

  • Support the standard Ctrl-t key sequence to move through tabs in a tabbed window.

  • The tabbed window isn't showing the focus indicator on the active tab. Actually it's doing it, but using the wrong color so it doesn't do anything visually useful.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 4.2.921 is posted. There are only a few small things, but I didn't have anything else I wanted to try to do at this late in the game, and there were no current need to fix type things, so I'm just getting this up there since it does have an issue that was bothering someone.
  • Add a driver for the Octava line of HDMI matrices. It requires that the firmware be updated to version 2, which adds a status feedback msg that this driver depends on for two way control. It may not work for a couple of the smaller (and I think older) models where either the protocol is slightly different (or maybe it will and the docs are just wrong.) otherwise it should work for most of them. You indicate how many outputs you have when installing the driver.

  • For some reason J.River seems to be reporting song duration in floating point, where it used to always be unsigned. Given that the duration is seconds it make no real sense to do so, bit it's there. So update the driver to deal with this.

  • If CQCServer can't get to the config server to load its config data, it periodically logs a msg, but it's logging it too often and filling up the logs. Lower it more around once per minute.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Version 4.2.922 is posted. This one contains a couple small fixes, and it gets all of Wuench's latest drivers into the build. It would be nice if some folks who use these could upgrade and make sure everything is happy. It's unlikely to be an issue, since it's the same code, just over in the System area. After upgrading, you could clean up the User ones since they won't be needed anymore and it's just extra stuff being dragged forward forever more during upgrades.
  • The %(X) and %(Z) time formatting tokens are not doing what they should. They should show the days or hours (respectively), if the day or hour count is non-zero. Currently they aren't ever showing them, which is not correct. This is used in the System::FormatTimeVal action command and by the Time Text interface widget.
  • It looks like the Weather Underground driver is sometimes also returning -999 as a 'not available' value, in addition to the -9999 that the driver is already checking for. So add the other one so that it won't try to store that value and will instead just put the field into error state.
  • One of the RIVA server's threads wasn't correctly watching for a shutdown request, which would make it timeout during shutdown and make the shutdown take longer than it might otherwise.
  • The security tab of the room configuration dialog wasn't accounting for the scenario where there was no configuration yet, so it was trying to select a default entry when there was none to select. This caused an exception upon uploading the dialog for the first time.
  • Get the latest versions of all of Wuench's drivers into the build. The ones updated are 2nd Gen DTV IP, Epson VP21, Event Ghost, POP 3, Sys Log, Insteon ISY, and XMBC.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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