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RIVA iPad string rendering bug?
I have a lot of fields which are very tight (i.e. 100x30 where the text itself renders to 99x29 or perhaps 101x31). In the standard IV, these fields look fine. If a pixel or two is cut off the text, you certainly don't notice.

However, in the iPad RIVA client, if there isn't room for the ENTIRE last character of the string, the character is eliminated.

In one case I have the word AUTO and on the standard IV it looks great (maybe a pixel is missing on the right edge of the O, but you really can't tell). When I display the same template on the iPad viewer, the word AUT appears with a nearly character sized empty space to the right of it.

I'm fairly certain I could fix this problem by going through all of my templates and enlarging the fields a little, but that would be very painful, and I'm hoping you have an easy fix on your end.

Thanks -- Bob

P.S. Is it possible to load fonts onto the iPad? I have a couple of templates which use cute fonts and it would be nice to get them working perfectly on the iPad.
You will most probably have to just provide some extra space. The fonts won't be renderered absolutely exactly the same across two different platforms in most cases. They may be slightly larger or smaller or have slightly different inter-character spacing. You may perhaps be able to install the exactly same TT font on the iOS pad perhaps, if it will accept them. But, even then, the font renderering engines are not the same and it still might come out slightly differently.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I don't mind if they aren't rendered exactly the same, but the fact that the last character is eliminated completely rather than having a few pixels trimmed seems pretty significant.

Is this a RIVA engine problem or an iPad renderer problem?

I'm out of town but when I return I could make a template which shows this bug quite egregiously...

-- Bob
As Dean said, it's on the rendering side. For example, on Android there is (was?) only a single font: Droid. So batwater made a test template with various size and such, so I could tweak stuff to get as close as possible to the actual IV.

Clipping letters that don't fit in a view is pretty standard, the last letter either fits or not, it's not considered a bunch of points...
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I think that clipping whole letters is pretty nonstandard. Everything else is clipped on a pixel basis these days. It's certainly a big difference from the way the IV operates. It doesn't matter for fields with lots of characters, or small fonts. My screens have lots of small fields with large fonts and this clipping issue makes them unusable.

I could tweak all my fields but I worry that a small change to the underlying font would ruin it again. It would be much safer if you could do pixel based font clipping.

Please consider it, thanks -- Bob
Okay, here is the template I promised to create.

It has two static text fields with the word YUMM in 96pt font. I used the Size To Contents function which set the size to 299x112. The top field is Left justified, and the bottom field is Right justified.

As you can see, in the left justified field, the word appears as YUM because the entire last letter is clipped. However, in the right justified field, only a pixel or two have been clipped, and the word appears correctly as YUMM.

Of course, the fields render perfectly and identically on the windows IV.

It would be really great if you could fix this bug!!!

Thanks -- Bob

P.S. This screenshot was taken on my iPad3, so the resolution is 2048x1536

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