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Version 2.11 Released
brianmount Wrote:It was approved a couple of days ago. Let me know if it fixes the problem.
Yep fixed it for me, thank you
Fixed for me, as well.

brianmount Wrote:The reason I didn't shoot for a solution that would support streaming video, though, is that lots of things in iOS, e.g. YouTube, are handled by switching to a dedicated app, which makes me wonder if the device would have trouble with mixing video and CQC at one time.

Coming to this discussion a bit late...

HTML5 video is rendered by the browser in-situ. Youtube transfers to the Youtube app because it's flash video, and Apple refuses to support flash - so they made an app to make Youtube work. (which apparently it is handing over to Google to support in iOS 6)

I've noticed Youtube working in the browser of late, meaning that Youtube sometimes uses HTML5 video.

Since most IP security camera vendors are usually about 5 years behind the curve, it'll be some time before they support HTML5 I suspect. Smile

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