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Video of client response time issues

The iphone client is almost perfect, but like others I've had issues with response time. I have been investigating this further and I posted a video of the results.

The video shows the IV on a wired client and the iphone. The template is based on the squeezebox driver, so both interface viewers are working off the same list.

The first half of the video shows me interacting with the IV instance on the PC. The IV updates quickly and the iphone client updates is as quick or in some cases quicker.

The second half of the video has me interacting with the iphone client. Now you can see the delay. The IV client updates quickly, but the iphone client lags far behind.

Something is going on. When the list is updated from the wired client, the iphone client updates almost instantly. Conversely when the iphone client updates the list, the wired client updates quickly, but then the iphone client takes much longer. Hopefully this asymmetric behavior points to a possible issue (and fix!).

It would probably be fairer if you used the standard Windows RIVA client on the PC, not the regular IV, so that they are both going through the RIVA server. That would tend to separate RIVA server oriented issues from RIVA client oriented issues.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I did do the same thing with the RIVA PC client, and the results were similar.

But my point is that the RIVA server seems plenty fast in serving up information in the downstream direction, but there is a holdup somewhere that is hurting performance in the other direction.

Just to be sure I'm understanding you... The results with the PC RIVA client were similar to the regular IV or similar to the iOS RIVA client?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Sorry - that was a bit confusing.

The PC RIVA client was similar to the interface viewer I think the issue is in the iphone client. But...I'll try and put together another test just to be sure.


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