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Current iPhone Client To-Do List

I'm going to revisit the existing iPhone client and try to make all necessary updates (before we work on getting together our new app which will control CQC using the XML Gateway interface). The things I have on my to-do list are:

* Improve reconnection when switching between Wi-Fi and cell service.

* Increase the canvas pixel size limit, especially now that the new iPad has such a large pixel count.

* Implement a Web widget using the new system command protocol.

* Try to figure out why the app runs into trouble when the optimization setting is set to High and the image cache is empty.

If anyone can think of any other pending issues, let me know. Thanks.
This is my primary means to control CQC and I am incredibly happy with it! Use in everyday all day. For just about everything. Crossing over cell service and WiFi regularly. It's fast, stable, reliable, and one of the best selling features of CQC.

The only thing I need it to do is somehow integrate IP camera live video feed into the UI or App. This has to be added to the current client or added to the new client. It's one of the only things RIVA can't do I understand that. So in the new client I'm guessing (wrong thread). We have to figure out how to get this working in a CQC UI on the Iphone. Maybe a tab in the RIVA App that connects to IP cameras not in the UI but still in the same app. My current workaround is to use RDS (Remote Desktop Service) and a RDP Iphone client. It works but not like it should.

I've gone head to head with Control 4 and AMX iphone UI's and I'd take CQC RIVA every time but then they pull out live video and I'm like well let me connect to IV Via RDP.
I second this 200%. Any good HA package has to have the ability to view security video and do it from an iPad and iPhone.
This has been on my list to setup for some time now. The wife is a huge iPad fan, and has her iPad in her lap constantly. If I can setup even limited automation stuff for her she'll use the system a lot more..

I have been a little reluctant to start because I'm not sure what version to use. The CQC site talks of 1.6 and the iTunes store is at 2.0. Maybe when you kick out a new release I'll jump on...

Sorry to be dense, but is this app available yet? I have the RIVA client, and went to RDP, but would like to try this one if it is available.
The current version of the app is available now. I have submitted the updated version to Apple, which will become available as a free update in the App Store when they approve it in a few weeks. I need to update the Web site.
I didn't know you guys had a separate web site. What is it? I'll add it to our partners page.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
My Home Theater/Automation Website

[THREAD=5957]BlueGlass CQC Config[/THREAD]
[THREAD=10624]Wuench's CQC Drivers[/THREAD]
I love this product. I agree with the IP camera desires. The other thing that would be great, if possible, would be the ability to see my movies on the Ipad from within CQC. Currently interfacing to mymovies and Sage - works great. Nice if the video could play on the Ipad.
I am not sure if it is a bug, or just not implemented yet, but I have just set up two logic server graphs to display energy usage. Works OK on the PC, but I only get the frame of the widget on the iPad - no graph.

By the way - I think the latest 2.11 version of the client is noticeably quicker in operation. Good stuff.


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