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Notification of Voice Mail - Is it possible?
Our family recently switched to digital cable telephone (not VOIP, but our source comes through the cable system). We are using the digital voice mail that comes with the service, but I tend to forget to pick up a phone and see if there is a pulsing dial tone - the signal that there is a voice mail waiting.

Is there some solution available that would allow me to be notified via some other interface that there is a voice mail waiting?

I have CQC and plan on installing an ELK. I'd love to be able to program CQC or the ELK to announce if there is a voice mail when the alarm is disarmed. Anyone know if this is possible?

Thanks from the newbee!
It doesn't seem likely unless there's some web based interface you can log into to get messages or something. If it requires calling up on the phone, that's a much different deal.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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