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Can't connect from iPad
Yeah, that's a pretty specific chunk of code that's not strictly part of the RIVA protocol. When enabled, the app tries to apply some smarts about sequences of messages and draw faster in certain situations. Either we messed it up or one of the OS updates messed it up.

In the meantime, anyone seeing this difficulty can experiment with different levels of optimization. Sorry it took so long to track it down - in hindsight I should have guessed the problem right away!
One of the top ten rules of software programming. Every bug is obvious in the end :-)
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Ok team, checking in here. The dev and I were looking at this and all of sudden we can't reproduce it anymore.

Can anybody else still confirm they can duplicate this:
-empty the image cache
-set optimization to high
-get crash

thanks for any help!

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