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Generic Modbus Driver - Serial & IP
Oh, wait, how did you create the file? If you just right clicked there and created a new file, or you opened a text editor and saved to there, it won't have actually gone there. Unless you are running as admin it will get redirected to a per-user account location.

Run a text editor as admin, then go there and see if the file is there. If not, then that happened. Run another instance non-admin which should find your redirected one. Copy the text, then delete that file. Then create the new one in the admin instance and save it. See if that works.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
I just did a wireshark view of the comms and the driver appears to ask for a slave ID from the PLC. It returns an exception (as slave ID is only part of the serial modbus comms protocol, not Modbus TCP). Would I be correct in thinking that the driver is possibly trying to write this exception to a field and thus throwing the error or would driver account for that? On attached is CQC, is PLC.

Thanks Dean, I did check that alright. I used the config file given with the driver and resaved it as .csv before copying over.The file does indeed exist at C:\Program Files (x86)\CQC\CQCData\MacroFileRoot\Drivers\Modbus\ when running notepad++ as admin.


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So opening the driver in the harness gave a bit more detail.

CQCGenDrvS, MEng.User.CQC.Drivers.Modbus.Generic.DriverImpl.1195, Status/App Status
Could not open file: \Drivers\Modbus\modbus_FieldAlias.csv

Some questions;

1. Is \Drivers\Modbus\modbus_FieldAlias.csv referenced to the C:\Program Files (x86)\CQC\CQCData\MacroFileRoot folder? I assume it is but just want to check

2. Is it correct that it prepends the driver moniker (modbus in my case) and an underslash to the config file name as shown above? (Changing config file name to modbus_FieldAlias had no affect anyhow)

3. Is it an issue that it can't find the file or that it can't open the file due to contents of file?

Any ideas on how I can investigate further?

It is relative to that MacroFileRoot, so it would in the end be MacroFileRoot/Drivers/Modbus/ and the file would be in there. It is prepending the driver moniker to the file name, so you should name yours that way. Fro the error I would say it's not finding it.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Its been a long time since i looked at this and there is another version in development that has stalled.

The csv file needs the moniker in the filename - that way you can have multiple copies of the driver installed.

I tested this on a Modicon PLC and it would return the ID so I used that as a way of connecting, but since then I have found that not every MODBUS TCP device will report an address.

This is something I need to get back to as I have some modbus power meters going in, a new PLC using Modbus (Click), a VSD and a few other smaller cheap Modbus devices. I'm trying to model its flexability around the Matrikon OPC server for modbus as I use that in our production environment
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home

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