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WOL and CQCAppShell service not started
I'm using a batch file to put 2 of my secondary CQC machines into standby, then using a WOL command to bring them back again.

It works apart from when the PC's come out of standby the CQCAppShell services isn't started and needs to be restarted again.

I have another batch file using psservice.exe to remotely restart the service on the pc's but it's not working from the IV, only when run from the MS. I use a triggered event with an ExecApp command to trigger the batch file on the c:drive or the master server, the batch file then remotely restarts the service.

The PC's are both running Windows 7.

First question - Is there a way to bring the PCs out of standby and have the CQCAppShell started by default?

If not - When using the triggered event I'm using the IV to set a variable value to true which then triggers the event, I thought the event would be triggered on the master server therefore the batch file stored on the MS c:drive. Is this the case?

I can't use the invokeFile command because the appservers aren't available on the PCs I'm trying to start the service on because CQCAppShell is not started. Is there another way to run the batch files on the MS making sure to execute the batch file on the c:drive?

Maybe start the service as a triggered event in the Windows 7 task scheduler rather than trying to do it via CQC?
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Great thanks, hadn't thought of that but now have a scheduled task which restarts the service via my batch file whenever the PC resumes from standby.

No worrying about CQC doing it and works a treat.

Do you have the service marked as automatic start? It should start up when the machine starts up, unless there's something unusual about coming out of standby that's different from booting up normally.
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The service is marked as Automatic, it's only on a resume from standby that the CQCAppShell isn't started, but the new scheduled task makes it restart so it's a good work around.

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