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Recommendation for Z-Wave motion detector/lighting/security locks
Will do. Thanks
Dean Roddey Wrote:Yeh, that's the one. I use the Aeon USB Stick for the controller.

What is the currently recommended setup for Z-Wave, starting from no hardware?

The docs for the Z-Wave driver say:

Quote:This driver supports the older style ACT USB/Serial controllers as well as the newer style Intermatic USB Stick controllers. The latter are far superior and we don't recommend the use of the ACT controllers. For that matter, we don't recommend the use of the ACT modules either, since the newer modules have benefited greatly from the improvements in technology and packaging of late

I take it from the above that the Aeon Labs controller works too ... is this better than the Intermatic ones?

For that matter I can't seem to google a current source for Intermatic USB controllers, though there are a number for the ACT ones.

Any suggestions on the cheapest way to get a primary controller for a Z-Wave network given that it is only going to be used for enrolling devices (if I've understood things correctly).
The Aeon stick seems to be pretty new stuff so it should be good, AFAIK. In terms of modules, be sure to pick ones that support group associations so that you don't have to poll them quickly. You can just set up them up to send change notifications to the USB stick (which CQC will see) and set them for a slow poll cycle just so the driver actively checks on them periodically, every minute or two.

You may want to be sure that whatever you pick supports the new 'beaming' technology, which is something that was added not too long ago and seems to be required for some stuff like the encryption used with some of the door locks and such. We don't support those encrypted units yet, but hoepfully will at some point so you might as well get hardware that supports it now. It should only be an issue for the controllers, not the individual modules (unless they use beaming themselves in which case they would be definition support it.)
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire

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