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Help with Driver Install
Quote:e.g. lighting.command
KitchenMain 80% 12s

That is exactly what I am doing but in my case KitchenMain wouldn't update and shows "0" at its address although physical light will ramp up to 80%. It'll then show "100" after I send "OffLine-True" command.
Something is not right then. You dont need to go offline. THis is more for when you make a change to the txt files or want to use toolkit with the same PCI.

Have you tried it on other groups?

I have a very peculiar situation where one switch in the house is used to turn off a light but the group wont show up in CQC.

Maybe there is a gremlin with this specific group.

Where are you reading the value from - the IV or field browser?

Do you have duplicate addresses in the driver - check the logs when going back online.

What happens if you write a value to the field (not via the moniker.command field) from the field browser or a command button

Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home

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