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iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad RIVA Client 1.6 Submitted to app store
I had similar issues and found that with the latest release, all is repaired.
Dave Bruner
Downloaded 2.0, still can't populate those 3 icons over 3g, works on wifi. Everything else seems to be working, I can switch between templates,etc.

I guess as long as I can get my stuff pre-cached while on wifi I can live with it. I may have to create a "image cache template" to precharge the cache.
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[THREAD=10624]Wuench's CQC Drivers[/THREAD]
Shaky Wrote:I am having an issue with icons not drawing on screen and a background missing. Works fine (screens dra all icons/backgrounds) on Wi-Fi, but not on 3G. Haven't had a lot of time to troubleshoot or search but thought I would post as it sounds similar to another reported issue., I did clear the cache with no change. Iphone 3GS, Ios 4.3. I was thinking it was something with my setup, but it may have started 2 versions ago. I have got into the bad habit of upgrading all my apps at the same time so likely got a RIVA app update I wasn't aware of.


OK, I seem to be up and running fine now. My issue was due to my router configuration. I only had port 13516-13517 passing through the firewall to my RIVA/CQC server on 13516. I had to add another NAT to get 13517 data across too. Once I did that it started showing icons again when on 3G. (was working fine on WIFI before because I was inside the firewall...oops) Oddly, I think this wasn't an issue on previous versions as I haven't changed my router setup in many months. So, all good here. Thanks and sorry for any confusion I may have caused.
Glad to hear things are mostly working. I will look into why some images fail to load over 3G.

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