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iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad RIVA Client 1.6 Submitted to app store
I have submitted the expedited review form -- hopefully that will help.
zra Wrote:Glad it worked for daddyd.

I tell ya. Im in crisis mode if my cqc iphone app doesnt work Smile

i have to use things like keys to get into my house...and to turn on a light manually? who does that? how archaic Smile

LOL, yeah, my wife is bugged that I haven't yet checked out my aprilaire thermo after the 3 quakes in 48 hours knocked some wiring loose so its not hooked up to CQC/Elk. I told her that she used to turn it on/off manually instead of just letting the security system arming/disarming trigger the HVAC but she had none of it.
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The expedited approval request appears to have done the trick. They tell me it has been approved, and do I see it as approved on the Web site Apple gives you to track your apps. The e-mail warned that it may take a little while to show up in the App Store -- up to a day. So if anyone whose app is currently broken can keep an eye out for the update (version 1.9), download it, and see whether it works, please let me know. It might not fix the problem, so if your CQC is currently working (because you're using an older version), don't risk the update until we get some feedback. Thanks.

Ill take the risk. i can undo it if it fails.

ill let you know as soon as i see and install it

i installed it and its not crashing.

i tested the original issue which was the inability to change the settings without it crashing and that seems to be fixed as well.
Downloaded it. I am connected, but it seems to be hanging trying to download my main template. It has been about 95% done for minutes now, but can't seem to finish with the spinner going. I am on 3G now, will try it again when I get home on wifi and see if it helps. I can disconnect and reconnect, but it just can't finish that template. The two icons it is missing are on buttons and are probably 32x32.

I cleared my cache trying to trouble shoot the previous version...

EDIT: Disconnected, cleared the cache, reconnected, still on 3G, still not finishing those two buttons. Can't press any buttons, spinner is spinning.
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The 1.9 update is working well for me. Sorry all for snafu.

What CQC version are you running?
What device/iOS?

Can you post the problem images to the forum?
Also, is it easy for you to remove the icons from those buttons to see whether it then loads? I'm not that familiar with the interface editor, so I don't know if that would be a pain, but if it's easy it might enable you to use the program, and also give us a little extra information about the problem.
Working for me on my 4S

Will test the iPods/3GS/iPad2 later when I get home.

Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home
Life is good again - IPad 1 WiFi. No obvious issues.


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