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Official 4.0 Beta Discussion Thread
There's not an ondisconnect thing, but it was just that it wasn't obvious that the connection was lost and some drivers could get freaked out by that. And there were some other places where potentially a list little bit of data might get lost because of the fact that the socket really is 'disconnected' before all of the data is read in in a lot of cases. This stuff tightens up the handling of that, which is more an issue in cases where you connect, do something, then disconnect. That would be HTTP stuff, any devices that are not continuous connections, stuff like the RIVA image thread potentially, etc...

Anyway, it's just tighter in general I think should be more robust.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Would this fix the exception that we're getting about a missing colon in the new ethernet directv driver?

Possibly. I recommended that he try it and see what happens.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
OK, so the first step towards the 'Grand Unification Theory' system has been taken. It's a small but important step. A new set of 'semantic events' has been added to the system in addition to the current user action and field change events. These are for zone alarm changes, motion changes, and load changes.

There are a number of reasons for these to be added. Some I'm sure I've not forseen myself, but the ones I think are important are:
  • It means a lot less requirement to set up field triggers for common stuff that you'd want to react to. These will be sent out any time these things change. So, it comes at the cost of some extra overhead, since now any load or motion or zone status changes will be broadcast out. But these aren't things that will change really rapidly all the time.
  • It means it'll be easier to set up triggered events that react to these types of things in a way that's independent of device monikers. You don't have to know ahead of time what fields represent motion or zone status or loads. The fact that you got one of these events will be all you need to know. The field is the source, so you'll get the field in the event and can just use the field without having to know what it belongs to. The type of fields that send these events are defined, so you'll know how to interact with it.
  • They will be used in the uber-configuration tool that will be coming up. One of the things it will do, to help people who maybe didn't install the hardware is to say, OK, we are setting up the lights in the room named 'Living Room'. Toggle one of the lights in this room off and on (or on and off.) It'll see the event and know which light is being referred to. Same with motion detectors and zone sensors. So it will support a kind of live physical interaction mode of configuring what hardware is in what rooms.

I'm definitely in this release going to try to keep the docs updated (in an offline beta sort of way) as I go, because the changes will be significant and I don't want to do a binge at the end or have to explain these changes over and over again. And driver writers will need to address them as well of course, so they need to be well documented.

I haven't gotten the external content HTML (cml ref, drivers, etc...) docs section up yet for 3.5, but the event system reference is here and it explains these changes.

Event System Reference 3.5

I'll probably not update the non-external type content parts of the web sites for beta purposes, since they don't contain anything that would change anymore, other than the links to the technical docs and videos. So I'll probably just update the first post of this thread to contain links to the new technical docs and a link to the beta external type content when I get it up there.

Obviously drivers will have to be updated before these new events will be of use. The drivers have to send out these events as appropriate. I'm not sure if the drivers themselves will do it, or if the driver base class will do it for them. The latter could be done because fields are going to be marked semantically in the new scheme, as what type of field they are. So the driver base class could now when a motion sensor changes or a load changes. That's probably the better way to do it. The driver could always handle some special cases itself if required. The methods are there to send these events if they need to.

Fields won't have to be marked to keep working. So ever driver won't have to be updated. But those that are going to be compatible with the new scheme (and support these new events if the above is true), will need to be marked appropriate (and comform to the definition of that kind of field as well, since these semantic field types will be strictly defined and that's a huge part of making the new scheme so much more flexible.)

Anyway, comments on these changes as documented in the triggered event sections of the event sys ref are welcome. Best to catch problems now than later when they are being implemented in drivers. Some others could be added if there's big bang for the buck, but we don't want to get crazy. I purposefully didn't add anything like a 'system health' type event yet, because handling that coherently will require some heavy thought.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean Roddey Wrote:Even System Reference 3.5

Is there an Odd one coming out later? :tounge
In your uber setup tool, make sure you make it tolerant of multiple events happening at the same time or in very quick succession, maybe a message saying I got multiple replies, pick one. By that I mean, in your example of automatically figuring out which motion detector went of, two could go off at the same time. I have places in my house where I can dance a jig and set off more than one motion detector due to the open floor plan (and maybe poor placement :-) )
My Home Theater/Automation Website

[THREAD=5957]BlueGlass CQC Config[/THREAD]
[THREAD=10624]Wuench's CQC Drivers[/THREAD]
Yeh, the motion detectors in general will be more difficult for the configuration tool, also because by the time you get into the room it's already gone off. So it'll probably just keep track of the last few that have gone off and let you select. Or, if the device has a trigger button which some might, to allow you to press the trigger.
Dean Roddey
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beelzerob Wrote:Is there an Odd one coming out later? :tounge

Some people would probably argue it's always been odd.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
i didn't see the doc for the XML Gateway in the Technical Doc section --- i may have overlooked it. i have a number of custom applications using the gateway to do things that would otherwise not be possible, even with RIVA.

Are there going to be any changes to the gateway...i know i'd like to see the ability to push multiple field values at once, maybe get a list of images in a similar way i can get a template and global action list now... :-D
~~~ B01nk
You mean on the current web site it's not there? If so, I just have just missed it and I'll need to get it up there. Sorry. It's probably still there on the HTML site I'd imagine. Oops, I guess I did fail to get it into the new web site. I'll add it.

Anyway, yeh, it's still there and we can probably get a few improvements into it for the 3.5 release.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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