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DirecTV Set Top Box (Ethernet)
In theory it should, there is support in v1.6 to allow you to add a comma delimited string of genie clients. That should create fields to control the clients. I don't think it has been tested by anyone yet...
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I upgraded to a DTV Genie with one client and loaded the 1.6 driver - just a few comments:

- You have to put the Mac Address of the Genie Client in with all caps and no spaces or colons, or it won't work.  Your example on the driver install shows that, but I missed it initially.

- Don't put the Main Genie in that list.  Again, it said Genie Client, but your example showed LivingRoom which it showed on the previous screen for the main box, so I thought I was supposed to put in the Mac Address of it too.  It won't work if you do.

- On the Genie Client, control for everything worked fine except the Power.  I would switch power on/off and no response, even on high verbosity, it just wouldn't turn it off.  Channel changes, etc. all worked as planned.  The main unit power on/off switch works fine.

- If you do a reset of the Genie Client, it reboots the main unit.

None of these will really affect me as I don't plan on using any control of the Genie cleint, just passing it along in case you do an update.

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