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Android tablets as an iPad replacement
On the web page it show its 1.8.2, so not sure if the pdf is just old or something.

CQC, C-Bus, M1, Advantage Air HVAC
Telstra have the new T-Tab out now (nov 2010). Went to the Telstra shop for a look see. Nice to hold and a good solid feel. Touch screen was a little un-responsive when used with a flat finger. Had to use the edge of my finger for a better response. As a CQC interface, that may not be a problem though.

It is a badged huawei S7 (not according to the twit in the store - it was made made by Telstra)

At $299 its a good price, locked to the Telstra network, but has phone capabilities. I found a store with it for $529.

With the Aussie dollar now worth more than the US dollar :cool, I might look stateside for something.

Never did see that tablet in the Big w catalog

Archos has some nice tablets coming out

2.8 inch - would make a nice remote

7 inch

and a 10.1 inch is on the way....

They have nice kickstands, I think they would make nice cqc remote clients.
After holding the 7" in my hands the other day, I think its a great size whereas a 10" (iPad size) is too big. It has its place and is a better size for web browsing, but a 7" sits nicely on the bedside table, or kitchen counter etc.

The telstra Teslta one also has a kick stand in landscape mode - may be getting one this morning.

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