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Android tablets as an iPad replacement
Does anyone have any experience with these tablets or have any comments

They look like an iPad, but are so much cheaper. My thinking is that if you are going to put one on a wall, why spend $600+ for it to do one thing when you can spend <$200 to do it.

It claims to only have 2Gb - but hey, its only an IV so thats plenty.
It also runs CE - is that a better option than Android?

If it is the same physical size, then it should fit all iPad mounting systems, and if you are only running the IV and maybe a photo album, then you dont want to spend much anyway.

Thought and comments

What are the things to look out for?
Processor speed scams?
Minimum procesor speed?
OS version?

There are also 7" option for portablility - so even if you drop it, its not that much to lose. (currently $99)

Not sure about the quality of these Chinese knockoffs, but I would choose Android OS over CE. You'll have to spend the $19.99 to get the Android Riva client, but I would say it is already better than the CE RIVA, and development isn't finished yet.

"Really dear, it was too good of a deal to pass up. Besides, look at what it does now...."
I think my wife is getting a little tired of hearing this :-)
I was thinking the same as you. there are a few different makers of ipad looking android pads. At one point you could tell the difference because the one apad had a blue led and the other had a red.. then the guys that were making thier apads with blue leds went red. you really dont know who is making this one.

long story short. at least in my case, I certainly want to pay a few hundred less then a ipad but i am hoping to get something with a name brand.. may not need to be thosiba/samsung. I have my eyes on the archos tablet and viewsonic.

I think you want to make sure you get a capacitive screen.

Some guys as rededit are putting together a table here
Why do you need a capacitive screen. Resistive is fine for single touch - which is mostly what I sue for CQC.

I am liking the $99 7" pad for a bedroom/portable remote. Most of us here have wasted more than that on HA gear before.


Pioneer computers have some android tablets starting at $AUS 200. I saw an add in the back inside cover of the current APC magazine, and plan on calling them up this week to see if they have wall mount for the bedroom.

CQC, C-Bus, M1, Advantage Air HVAC
Just make sure to get a version of the Android OS that is 1.6 and up, ideally 2.1 or 2.2 upgradeable to 3.0... Older versions were not made to handle higher resolution devices...
Field Generator 0.65: Create CQC fields on the fly, from external applications.
Mobile templates 0.4: Main resolution of 320x480 with navigation side bars (384x544).
Sage Media Server 1.1.3 + Sage Player 2.7.8: Display and manipulate SageTV information or player.
TaRIVA 1.26: Android RIVA client.

Big W will be stocking the Pioneer 7" tablet from the 22nd of this month in case your interested.

CQC, C-Bus, M1, Advantage Air HVAC
Interesting - any idea on how much it is?

Any details anywhere on this unit?

Its only $199, here is a link
CQC, C-Bus, M1, Advantage Air HVAC
Thanks - great price

Is the fact that its only V1.6 of android a concern? Can Android be easily updated?


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