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CBUS CGate Driver
My mistake re the cgate.ini, you have the correct file

local host is mapped to in the hosts file, so it wont make any difference.
Umm... Ghost in the machine?

I turned on high verbose log, closed the driver set tool and reloaded it.... and we have connection!?

Feeling baffled and a bit of a spanner, but thanks for the replies folks.

Martin, to answer your Q's, yes to all + for info, now the driver connects, I have tested and it works with either 'localhost' or '' in the 'address' and in both cases it puts that IP address in the Driver Info popup and in both cases, connects.


Hey, we should get some semantic field type info into this driver so that it'll work with the auto-generation and theme stuff. It should be pretty easy to do. Let me know if you want to add it and I can help you. It's just adding the semantic field type to the appropriate fields when they are added to the list to be registered.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
Dean, That's a great idea. :-)
Can we get it to support Dimmers as well as LightSwitches?
if anyone is planning some work on the driver, can the DLT switches and the temperature sensors be included?

Sorry I worked on this driver originally but I havent stayed upto date on CQC as everything just works for me now and other priorities!! That said if anybody wants to work on it I am happy to answer questions here etc.

Regarding dimmers I do use dimmers on this driver already - why do you think it doesnt work?

I have no DLTS or CBUS temp sensors here either but again should not be hard to support as they would just be cgate commands.

I bet you could write commands directly to cgate via the generic ip driver also if you were stuck
I have a temp sensor if you (or someone else) want to add suport and do some testing. I dont have DLT's though so someone else needs to help with thesting there.

Both the drives or C-bus have stalled. THe original only supports one application (lighting) and the C-Gate looks to have stalled as well. Both need to be continued but I understand the pressures of life and why they are where they are at.


Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home

I'm about to finally integrate my heating / cooling, so i wondered if anyone would be about for some help ?

I guess i could read the temp directly from cgate via ip ? store it as a global var, and act accordingly... and i could write to the DLT's this value also...

going to mean vandalising my setup to find out...

I wondered if martin would do some documentation for the driver along the lines of

and if it would be possible for a worked example of a "get" and "set" via direct ip ?

uploaded version 0.4 added cgatecommand to set dlt text etc and communicate directly with cgate - doesnt capture responses but will add that.

Thnaks to Will for testing. Confirmed working on version 4.1 also.
I am trying to get this driver working with v4.8, but the driver is erroring out during initialisation. I suspect that it may not be compatible with v4.8. Attached is a copy of the log file.
Is anyone able to confirm if this driver is compatible with v4.8 please?
Regards, Brad.

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.txt   CIDLogFileSnap.Txt (Size: 2.95 KB / Downloads: 8)

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