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CBUS CGate Driver
Actually you can now reconfigure drivers, so you can do it without having to unload the driver.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
I see that more as a workaround to an omission from the driver.

As I said it is trivial to add it (hey If I can do it my driver anyone can - I must be the worst there is at this stuff).

Version 0.3
- fixed bug which was causing the driver to fail if a new event was detected on a group that was not in translate file.
- added a forcereconnect field - this is only for debugging and will be dropped when we get to full release
Is there a way for the driver to determine if C-Gate is running.

I shut down C-Gate and the driver is still connected. It would be better if the driver went off-line when its connection to C-Gate was not available. That way it can re-connect if C-Gate is restarted for some reason.

yes its a problem for me to as I get a cgate exception every few days no idea whats causing it. That was why I added the forcereconnect flag. I'll look into some way of detecting that cgate is dead. In my cause I think the cgate connection doesnt actually disconnect.
note it will reconnect if you try to set a group in cgate with version 0.3 as the failure should cause it to realise cgate connection is gone
I can't get the driver to connect to cgate/bus.

I can connect to cgate via telnet onthe CQC cmd prompt and both control and monitor cbus perfectly. Toolkit also works fine.

I am running WS2003R2 Standard Edition and have cbus connected via a USB to DB9 converter, although surely this shouldn't make a difference as CQC isn't using the serial port, c-gate is.

The connection monitor on the driver says "Wait for Initialization" so it's doing something...

translate.txt has all the right groups, and I have checked and rechecked the driver config to make sure the settings are correct. I have even tried specifying the fields which have a default value (e.g. network 254).

Any ideas?


Read this thread on changes that need to be made to the Cgate.ini file. C-Gate will only accept connections from by default. If you are not putting in that address (ie the the CQC server and driver are on the same machine as C-Gate) then it wont work unless you make changes.

I don't have a cgate.ini file anywhere in my cbus installation. Cgate and CQC MS are on the same machine.

I have the IP address set as in the driver and in cgateconfig.txt, I have cgate set to default to my project and have deleted all the sample projects for good measure.

I have the network, etc explicitly specified in the driver (have tried both allowing the default and specifying.)

Confused... what am I missing? If I should have a cgate.ini file, where should it live? Presumably in the cgate folder?
have you logs?

See the logging to high on the driver and see what is output

also its access.txt in the cgateconfig folder

Is cgate on same machine as cqcserver?

Try the word localhost on the driver as I dont think i use

also presuem your port is 20023

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