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CBUS CGate Driver
Designed as direct replacement for the original CBus driver as I had a problem with timeouts on W7 64bit.

The manifest file from Rohans driver must now list all required groups though.

Set CGate to autostart your project in cgate config.

In manifest you must set the cgate server and project name all other fields will default if blank unless you have changed them in your setup you shouldn't need to configure

Version 0.4
- added CgateCommand to send commands directly to cgate for setting dlt text etc

Version 0.3
- fixed bug which was causing the driver to fail if a new event was detected on a group that was not in translate file.
- added a forcereconnect field - this is only for debugging and will be dropped when we get to full release

[EDIT: Added a new version which removes socket binding calls, for 4.6 and beyond, where those calls are no longer desirable.]

Attached Files
.cqcdrvpack   CBus_CGate.CQCDrvPack (Size: 5.1 KB / Downloads: 28)
.cqcdrvpack   CBus-SocketBinding.CQCDrvPack (Size: 5 KB / Downloads: 13)
martinmcc Wrote:The manifest file from Rohans driver must now list all groups though.

Thats a big manifest file if you have to add all the groups in. Why did you go doewn that path and not use a file(s) like previously. That then allows the reloading of the configuraiton.

Good to see some options here. This should allow the use of the CNI now as well and having the CQC server remote to the C-Bus interface.

sorry I stated that wrongly - its not the manifest file its the translate.txt file
Did you change the make/model in your manifest in some way? If not, it's goign to be the same as the other C-Bus driver and that will cause problems. Just do something like add -CGate to the model or something like that.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I have not loaded this yet, but a few questions

Are you planning to support multiple applications?
Are you planning to support multiple networks?
Scene Triggering (Yes by the looks of it)?

Polling of temp sensors has been a desire of mine for many years.

When I get a chance I will load up a new CQC and C-Gate in a VM and try this out through the CNI.

Mick it's well down the priority list at the moment so I need volunteers to help out.

Wanted to get something up that showed it worked and could be done.

Just a thought - it may work by loading seperate instances of the new cbus driver each with a different application number. Only issue is we would need a translate file for each applications

I edited first post with new version

Added support for trigger command as per original CBUS driver

usage write "<address> <action selector>" to the trigger command

Added option to manifest file to prompt for the name of the translate.txt file.
This should allow multiple instances of driver to load with a seperate translate.txt for each application you wnat to control.

I have not tested this as only use lighting application.

Please provide feedback.

Sorry missed your post yes the driver is called
"Clipsal C-Bus (CGate)"

When you say all group must be listed in the translate file, do you mean all 256 groups, even if they are not used.

What about remote networks - I have a network bridge.

What is the C-Gate network number - is it the C-Bus network 254?

What is the event port?

Sorry, My C-Gate is very rusty, toolkit has done it all for me in the past.


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