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cqc 3.3.9 problem loading interface
I just upgraded to the latest beta and from the master server if I try to open the admin interface nothing happens. CQCClient.exe shows up briefly in the task manager but then nothing. The Template Interface Viewer and Editor also do the same thing on the server as well as clients. I can open the CDLIB monitor and I PDL driver development program.

Any Ideas?
Are you sure you upgraded all machines?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I have upgraded on all the machines, but I just checked and I can use the admin interface and interface viewer on one of the machines, but not the master server? Should I re-install?
I just figured it out...I was using shortcuts from my desktop and now tried from the start-menu and it work on the master server...I didn't realize I needed to update them...

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