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images for tivo templates
Does anyone have any god images for tivo based templates? Things like now playing, live tv, etc...
How about this?
[Image: god.jpg]


"Really dear, it was too good of a deal to pass up. Besides, look at what it does now...."
I think my wife is getting a little tired of hearing this :-)
Mike, not sure what you're looking for. Since the thing is one way and IR based in my case I don't know what you would do beyond replicate the remote. You're welcome to mine but it is quite plain jane. I have no way to post an image in any meaningful fashion.
to be honest I am not really sure what I am looking for.

I grabbed the tivo icon from guifx but I still need something for the guide button and now playing buttons. I am just trying to recreate the remote on a touch screen (ipad).
Can't help you there. Just using text for these at the moment.

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