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iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad RIVA Client v1.2 Released!
I'll try to get more info as soon as I can. Here's some stuff off the top of my head. The test was to cycle back and forth between to screens. Once the main template is loaded, the test was just cycling between two overlays. Each overlay was about 600x400 and they did have a background image that was loaded on each cycle. There are about 10 Directv channel logos on one of the overlays. The rest of the images were stock CQC button images. No media images, like cover art, were involved. The main template is sized for the Q1, 800X480. It has a different background image, but the main template was only loaded once, at startup. After that, the test was to just load one or the other overlays.

I don't own the iPad, so I can't test with it. But I can setup a test with the same templates and the Q1 running the standalone IV versus the RIVA client. But I thought Dean does that test all the time.

I have now found a few problems with the RIVA client on the iPad

1. Screen Blanking - if the iPad is not moved,the display blanks automatically after about 30sec. This is too short a time even if it does come to life again if you pick it up. On the other hand, the Special Action button for screen blanking does not work so you cannot blank the screen when you actually want to.

2. Command buttons - the pushed image does not always work correctly. This is dificult to test as sometimes it works and soemtimes not. I think that after taping repeatedly on one button, it will start to change image and appear to move in and out as it should. However if you move to a different button the problem starts again.

This is more than just a cosmetic problem as it is difficult to know if you have actually touched a button or not unless you can see something happening. Is it possible to have an optional "beep"?

Any sign of an answer to the screen blanking and button pressing prblems?

Yes, sorry, I've been a little delayed. I have fixed a number of problems, and need to release an update. Hopefully this weekend or next. I'm sure that other problems will remain, though.

What is your desired time before blanking the screen?
just downloaded the app, installed the remote viewer server on my master server and have test template created to test connectivity. filled out the the setup screen in the app with ip address of my master server. created a new user called myiphone. entered this information and welcome as the password. i'm connecting via wi-fi. when i try to log in i get a message that says "The provided name or password was incorrect". i've triple checked spelling and case...its all correct. see anything wrong with my setup?
Its a W not a w for welcome if I remember correctly

You are best off setting the user as an admin, login into the admin interface and then change the password and then log out. Log back in as the admin and change the user back to a normal user. You dont want to use the standard password - it should not even have to option for setting a default password.

mick, indeed it was the "case" of the w. capital W did the trick. i like your idea of changing the password and fumbled around for a minute but all of my pc are set up with environmental variables containing user name and password. is the only way to prevent logging in under a given pc's id to remove the environmental login data?
Yep, if you have it set-up in the environment variables, just add a character to the end of the password (to make it wrong) and it will fail the auto log-in, log-in as the new user and then change the password.

When you are finished, just remove the character you added to the password in the environment variables and you are back to where you started

brianmount Wrote:Yes, sorry, I've been a little delayed. I have fixed a number of problems, and need to release an update. Hopefully this weekend or next. I'm sure that other problems will remain, though.

What is your desired time before blanking the screen?

Hi Brian

Well in an ideal world, I would like an option to never blank the screen until I press the Special Action Button to blank it. Touching or moving the screen would light it up again. If you cannot do this, then a minimum of 5mins as with the iPad. It takes about 2mins for a start up sequence in my cinema to lower the screen, start the projecter, wait for it to warm up, boot the bluray player etc.

Still on the subject of going to sleep, there seems to be a longer period of time (at least +10mins) after which the iPad seems to lose its connection altogether. So you start a film and mid way through pick up the iPad to pause it, but nothing happens unless you press the home key and reaload the CQC app. Any ideas? As a workaround, I have been trying to maintain the entire current state of the interface in a Variable Driver rather than using GVars, so that every time the iPad reconnects, it picks up exactly where it was before - not as easy as it seems.

As soon as you have an update, I will give it a try.


In the Settings, there's an Idle Timer control that determines how long the application waits before going to sleep for real. When it goes to sleep, the connection is lost, and I don't think there's anything I can do about that, based on the way the operating system works. It sounds like you must have that set to 10 minutes, which I think is the default. You can increase it up to an hour. Of course, doing so will cause your battery to run down pretty quick, since it will have the transmitter powered up the whole time. I don't think it's necessary to exit the application to wake from sleep; you should be able to wake it up with some button or another (can't remember which one) and stay in CQC. Unfortunately, it will still lose the connection and dump you back to the server list screen.

It's possible that at some point the CQC RIVA protocol will be enhanced to let clients pick up where they left off, rather than starting back on the initial template screen. That may help matters somewhat.

Then there's another, shorter interval after which the screen turns black, but the app is not really asleep. This is currently fixed at 30 seconds, but I will increase the interval.

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