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Carrier Infinity HVAC Driver
If you are on a 5.x version, it will show you the files to be imported before it actually does the import, so you can check to see if is going to be a problem.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Sure, no problem.

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.txt   Carrier.txt (Size: 70.17 KB / Downloads: 2)
thanks, not a lot of differences.
attached are my driver, system and zone files as text.
I added fields for current day and time and removed some others, that I do not have or not needed, mostly in an effort of stabilizing the driver. With these settings I get only hundreds of disconnects... but I recognize that it is a limitation of the system.
I have the older non-wifi tstat, and that has a problem in keeping date and time correctly, CQC this way updates it every day.

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Hmmm, there are already writeonly fields for CurrentDay and CurrentTime to update the crappy Infinity Clocks.

Not sure which fields you removed to increase stability, but I'm curious.

Getting disconnects is certainly not good, I would look into that!  My systems never get disconnects.

With my three systems, I get lots of Timeouts (500/day) some Naks (10/day) and a handful of Bad/Unknown Msgs (2/day).  Timeout is actually an internal problem where the SAM asks the Infinity for some data but the Infinity doesn't respond within 5seconds, so the SAM gives up and returns a timeout.  The driver retries the message and move on, so its really quite normal.  Considering we are sending/receiving more than 50,000 asynchronous text msgs/day with no checksum, I'd say that's not too bad.

I am sorry, obviously no, I did not add the fields that were already there, just my action did not update as intended, and posted here. With help from Dean it got fixed.

And also correction on the lost connections, you were right it is the timeout that creeps up on a daily basis, wrote the post based on recollection.

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