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ELK - Do I need to go for the GOLD?
I am giving my GE Concord 4 to my brother since there is no CQC driver and moving to the ELK. Do I need the gold model?

The main difference seems to be the voice processor.

I already have whole house audio (nuvo via CQC). It appears the ELK can only speak from a command list (I could be wrong). With CQC having TTS support it seems like it would be better to have the ELK update CQC and the CQC do the speaking.

Is there anything else that is a cant miss reason to get the gold? The better terminals are nice but not worth $240 to me. I dont think the input/outputd are going to be an issue as I am almost all wireless sensors since this house wasn't prewired.

Do I need the gold for $240 or so additional cost?

On a related note, for the guys that do ELK or general CQC annoucments via Nuvos/Russounds do you guys leave the zones on 24-7. My nuvo seems to run about 7 watts idling plus 7 ways per channel. For announcements I would be fine with living and master bedroom but was wondering what others did. Right now i have an announcement that runs once per day. I hear the nuvo fire up the zones one after another play the TTS message and then shut down the zones just as fast. I am wondering if that is good for the unit..
does the Elk have a serial interface. I thought onlt the Gold had the serial on board and if you wanted it on the other model you needed to add a serial expander.

Not sure what the capabilities or limitiations are of that set-up. The exact questions has been discussed before here or over on CT (here I think). Use that magic search feature to see what you can find.

My Nuvo GC does extensive paging - at least one announcement every hour between 6am and 10pm. It's been doing that for 2 years now and no issues although I did change the 2100 amp to be on instead of switched only because it took too long to come on. You will have to have a bunch of events in CQC to capture the voice calls if you want them. The other option is to output the M1 voice as is via a line level adapter and put it through a mixer with CQC. That way you will have all your M1 announcements and your CQC announcements without alot of work but you do run the risk of announcements stepping on each other if they try to talk simultaneously.
I, personally have found myself turning off the Elk voice for more and more things. It has a wow factor at first, but it get's kind of annoying to hear a voice message every time you arm/disarm. And it is very difficult to input the custom sounds, you have to stand at the keypad with your sounds source and a phone and quickly jump around. And then the quality is sub-par. I guess the only nice thing about the voice is being informed of specific zones when something is wrong.

So if voice is the only thing you'll miss by not going to the M1G then in a year or two, you may not miss it much...
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