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Thoughts about a post-3.1 world
There will be various schemes. Where possible it will just automatically do it, by knowing the well defined possible values of the virtual field (based on the semantic type selected) and the advertised range of the source field.

Where that's not possible, a set of configurable options will be available (based on the data type of the field) to handle the mapping yourself.

Yeh it might not be tick accurate in all cases, but the alternative is generally far worse of non-portability. And of course you don't have to work at the virtual level if you don't want. It'll be a purely optional thing. It's just another driver and if you feel strongly that this or that field or driver needs to be dealt with directly, there's nothing stopping anyone from 'mixing modes' if they want to and doing some stuff via the virtual layer and some directly to the actual driver.
Dean Roddey
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