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Oppo BDP anyone?
What a shame about OPPO.  The post has really put a spanner in the works.  I was still hoping that Dean would eventually do a proper UPnP driver to allow streaming movies, but I guess that's off the table now.  Would your new IP driver for the 203 allow for pushing video files from a NAS, or are you only going for transport controls etc.  If you aim to use it as renderer from CQC, then I will upgrade from my 103 while I still can.

I'm not planning on doing anything now that Oppo has pulled out of the market. I tried to buy a 203 right after the announcement and received an 'out of stock' message when I tried to put it in my cart. So as a dead product it isn't worth much effort. For anyone with a 203 you can try the RS232 driver and if needed I can do tweaks to get that to work.
Mark Stega
Yes I can understand that.  Any ideas on what a next best option would be?  Are there any 4K players out there with anywhere near the feature set and quality that have IP or RS232 ports that can be used by a CQC driver.


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