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How To: Modify Scheduled Events from the IV
ok, read my code, tweaked it so it would work on my phone. Its currently f-ugly, mainly b/c I did the bare minimum so it would physically show, not necessarily look good.

Also attaching the template image pack, although you'll have to change it to the ID of your desired event. Meaning you have to create the event first.

BTW, this template shows that at 7:07am, my MBR-TTS event will go off, waking me up. I suppose I should have picked a different time so you could see the difference.

[Image: 6SGfS7M.png]

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Dean Roddey Wrote:It may be a lot easier than the last time you did it, given all of the static and variable based widgets available now. I'm not sure what types of features were available when you originally did it.

Actually this is using all the variable widgets and direct manipulation of the back-end event using masks, aka the "newer" way.
Devices I'm phasing out: ISY, NuVo
My vlogs:

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