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1-Wire via HA7Net
AnthonyZ Wrote:I'm with sic on this. I am definitely interested [...] if money is a motivator, I'll would certainly throw down [...]

I didn't realize that anyone was really using it. I'm happy to continue the development. I will begin working on it again.

If you can get me the winning lotter numbers before they are pulled and the jackpot is over $100Million I'll take it. Otherwise - I'll do it without payment. I need it as well.
I am using a DS18S20 several DS18B20s and a DS2423. The driver only recognizes the DS18S20 temperature sensor.
That makes since, now. My temperatures are all DS18S20. I will work on the other ones.
I updated the first post with a version that will work with more recent versions of CQC, in which socket binding has changed, causing the driver to no longer compile.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
is anyone out there currently using this driver with DS18B20 sensors? I had this running perfectly before using a few DS18S20 sensors but can't seem to locate where I stashed them during my recent move and now only have a bunch of DS18B20 sensors, while the driver seems to find these sensors I am not getting any temp or hum data back into the driver. Only two fields are being created $ADDRESS_Name and $ADDRESS_Update.



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