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SamVimes2's setup and templates
System discussion here.
kind of reminds me of the home screen on all those WinMo smartphones i had.
I use an app store program called JaduuRDP to connect to a VM running on my server. These templates are 320x416. Hopefully we'll see a native app based on Dean's new RVT that will free up some more vertical pixels.

Home screen
[Image: 189.png] [Image: 190.png]

Some Macros
[Image: 192k.png]

Music Selection - Artist
[Image: 193r.png]

Music Selection - Album
[Image: 194h.png]

Music Selection - Track
[Image: 195.png]

Music Selection - Current Playlist
[Image: 196.png]

DVD Selection
[Image: 197f.png]

Vista Media Center control
[Image: 198k.png]
(a little work still to do on this one to clean up the double transport controls)

[Image: 199x.png]

Alarm Clock
[Image: 200h.png]

[Image: 201a.png]
Nokia templates here
Fixed touchscreen templates here
reserved for future use
I like what you've done... I'm hoping Apple comes out with the 7" or 10" iPod this winter.. then I will be integrating it with CQC too.
tia, Ron

My Mexico Retirement HT...
Yamaha CX-A5100, (2) MiniDSP DDRC-88M, (4) JBL 8340As, (4) JBL 8320s), PS3, Intel NUCs, (2) Furman rack conditioners, Panamorph UH-480 anamorphic lens, Oppo 203, DIY B&O 14 channel amp, Pro-Ject RPM Turntable. In progress, DIY audio rack, and Synergy horns.

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