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Create a Customizable Dialog
Thanks. Hopefully it will be useful to more than just me.
I'm new to CQC and just found this How-To. This dialog is very nicely done and gave me even more ideas. I also got a countdown timer added to it. Thanks for the post! :-)
BTW, one thing to consider when doing a fancy dialog popup like this, which involves a fair number of values being passed in, is to use template parameters instead, That way you don't have so many global variables floating around. For the return value you can use the IntfView::SetRetVal and GetRetVal commands.

That can make it a lot cleaner and more standalone. These features may not have been available when he first did these.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I was actually wondering why he didn't use template parameters. One thing nice about the global variables though is that their names make the actions more readable.
Cause they weren't around when I wrote this up... Dean has a habit of adding features to make things easier after I come up with some complicated way of doing something... :-)
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