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potts' cqc setup
Christmas was good to me so I thought it was finally time for me to start my own thread. This all started with me trying to find a way to have the porch light on when I got home from work but it has evolved into much more.

•My master server is an older amd box running windows home server. I also use it as my main storage and backup including my DVD collection.
•For lighting I am using zwave, I have five modules now but that will slowly expand.
•I am using sageTV as my main means of watching movies. Sagetv for whs is the backend. There are no tuners attached as I only really use this for DVD rips.
•For music I just got a squeezebox reciever
•To control all this I have a nokia n770 that I plan on doing the autostart hack on and I have a hp thinclient that is still waiting for a touchscreen to be attached.

I plan on spending the next few days getting interfaces setup for the n770 and getting the autostart hack working. I'll report back with some screenshots once I get it setup
I have made some progress on templates for the nokia 770 but I have run into some trouble getting the nokia 770 setup. It seems that the repository with becomeroot is no longer available. Does anyone have this file or is there another way to get to root on the 770?
Read this for some information.

"Really dear, it was too good of a deal to pass up. Besides, look at what it does now...."
I think my wife is getting a little tired of hearing this :-)
If you know the filename, I'm sure I have it in my download directory.

Thanks for the offer guys. I have all the files and am just having trouble with the rdesktop command line part. It executes but rather than loggin on it takes me to the connection screen. I think that it might be because the username has a space in it. Tomorrow I will create a new user without spaces in the name and see if that solves the problem
I spent the last week trouble shooting a bad drive in my WHS, it turns out that the machine didn't like having 2 drives on a usb hub but its working great now.

I have gotten my nokia set up and it is working like a champ. I n another thread i got some help using checkbox widgets for my lighting which really simplified things.

One thing that I am trying to find a solution to is traffic cams. Is there a way to use a checkbox widget to toggle between 2 URL's? I want a button for each intersection and have it toggle between multiple directions. If some one has an idea about that it would be much appreciated.

You would need to be on the latest betas, then you can use a static check box (which doesn't attach to a field, it just keeps in internal true/false state) and you could use that to swap back and forth.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
So I gave the static checkboc a try. For true Click I have 1 URL and for a false Click I have a completley different URL. The problem is that the widget doesnt seem to be changing states. It constantly loads the true click URL and never toggles over to the False Click URL. Ideas?
You have to change the state. It doesn't do that by itself. That's one of the commands on the static check box.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
I was just going through my dvd preview screens in another thread and realized that when I switched to the mymovies driver the network path to each file doesn't dig far enough down into the dvd's file structure to get it to play. is there a way to append text onto the end of a GVar? The location info that I am getting now is in the form:


What I need is:


The video_ts part should be the same for all the dvd rips so is there a way to just add it to the end of the GVar?

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