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iPhone templates
Just getting my iPhone going and have the RDP working. Now I just need some templates to fit. Anybody have any sized for the iPhone? If I do a standard RDP from my computer I can set the screen size. But from WinAdmin on my iPhone I can't set the size right so it is too big.
Create a iPhone windows user and then create some iPhone sized templates and have those templates automatically load for that user. When the iPhone RDPs into the system it will have the correct size templates at it's disposal. I think that should work.

"Really dear, it was too good of a deal to pass up. Besides, look at what it does now...."
I think my wife is getting a little tired of hearing this :-)
Okay, does anyone have any iPhone sized templates?
Have another issue where I can't get the correct screen size. My RDP screen size is 800x600, can't change it, and my iPhone screen size I have changed to different setting and can't match them up. Have ended up setting it to 640x480 for the closest, but still too big. If I make that resolution bigger then the screen is bigger I have I have scroll around more. Does not make sense. Anybody have this problem? How did you fix it?
I guess I don't understand. There must be some iPhone weirdness going on here.

I use RDP with my Nokia N800. The resolution for that is 800x480. I simply have 800x480 templates. I have the IV autostart for that Windows User and when I log in with the Nokia, the screen is full size without any bars.

"Really dear, it was too good of a deal to pass up. Besides, look at what it does now...."
I think my wife is getting a little tired of hearing this :-)
What I have done is use a resolution that is the same ratio as the iPhone screen. Then I pinch the screen to zoom out so I can see the whole iv.
It is not CQC that is the problem. I can have just Windows and it is the same. So something between the RDP and iPhone is giving me a different ratio then the Windows RDP screen size.
notice I say ratio not resolution. I don't remember which I used but the resolution ends up being quite a bit larger than the screen, that's why you have to zoom out to see the whole thing. Also winadmin sets the resolution.
What I would like is for the resolution to match the screen so I don;t have to zoom in & out. By the way how do you zoom out?
It would be convenient for the resolution to match the iphones but that isn't and option within winadmin. You only have to zoom out once when you load it up. the zooming is done with a pinching motion similar to zooming in photos.
RDP (really windows) doesn't support resolutions below 640x480. after trying all kinds of different things, i ended up using 800x480 anyway (to leverage my existing templates) and just scrolliong around on my iphone. i ended up liking this better than the 'page' ui idion anyway.

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