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Finally some progress
Progress on my HA has been rather slow, generally for lack of funds for required hardware in favour of completing other renovation tasks. According to the missus mundane items such as fences, painting, deck and furniture are more important than my "toys"!

I haven't made much progress on my 320x200 DNV template that I have running on my iPaq, mainly due to its limited functionality and other quirks. So I went down a different "interim" route.

I pulled out a couple of Xantech 789-44 IR connecting blocks, one in my AV cabinet in the living room along with a receiver and a couple of emitters, and one in my data room connected up to the USB-UIRT for send and receive. Used the Xantech RC68+ remote control to make up a few IR codes and learned into my Harmony remote and now have control of the Cbus lighting in my living room and surrounding areas via my normal remote.

I know its not much compared to what some of you guys are doing out there, but at least I'm making some progress Smile. And yes, I probably could have also done it using Cbus IR, but I don't have any of the Clipsal IR gear, and I don't think its nearly as flexible as a roll-your-own.
Thats great news - as long as you are moving forwards

The only benefit to using the C-bus remote is tha tyou can dim with it. I have not worked out a way to dim using CQC and a remote - if you know let me know please.

The C-Bus IR is really only for controlling C-bus gear. While they have stuff to controll non c-bus hardware, CQC does a better gooc at a cheaper price.

znelbok Wrote:The only benefit to using the C-bus remote is tha tyou can dim with it. I have not worked out a way to dim using CQC and a remote - if you know let me know please.

Yes, I found that out. Can't do repeating IR commands. So I've set up 4 triggers for each light that I want to control.
1. ramp to 100%
2. ramp to 0%
3. set to level +20%
4. set to level -20%

Once I start fiddling with CML I'll make it a bit smoother and ramp to level +20%. I started, but it was getting too late for me to figure out how to manipulate and return strings from a CML macro to be used in a FieldWrite.
Ie, pass in "$(Cbus.Kitchen), 20, 4" and have it return "Kitchen 40% 4s" to pass back to the Cbus.command
Let me just suggest, unless it's impossible or already tried, that a touchscreen in the kitchen can do WONDERS for making the missus appreciate your little hobby.

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