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ELK Rule
I'm trying to create a rule in Elk that if the garage door is open after the system is armed, the garage door will be closed after a specified amount of time.

The problem with creating this in the ELK it takes a couple of rules to get it done. My question is could this be done easier using CQC.
There are two ways you could do this:

1. Have a triggered even that gets run when the system is armed. It will check the garage door status and if it is open it will set a global variable to indicate the time of the arming (else, for safety, it should delete the variable if it was left around from the last time.)

Then have a scheduled event that runs every minute or so and looks for that global variable. If it's there, it calculates how long it's been since that time. Once the time is reached, delete the variable and close the garage door.

2. On the same event spit when the arm occurs, you set a timer channel in the timer driver if the garage door is open. Put a trigger on that timer channel field to send out an event when when it zeros out. That event will close the garage door.

So you still need two events one way or another. The first one is probably simpler if you aren't already using the timer driver since you don't need to add it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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