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Cybex Longview
Hi guys,

I'm attempting to locate my touchscreen in my kitchen. I've dropped the wires, etc. and decided to hook things up in a controlled test prior to locating remotely. So, I've attached each end of my longview to the touchscreen / PC to and am getting video transmitted, but my pointer is not making it down the line.

I am using a serial to usb converter to connect the touchscreen mouse port to the USB port of my computer and I insert the same converter between the trasnmitter cable and the computer. Mouse emulation works fine when not going through the Longview.

I only have one transmitter and longview cable, but have swapped out a variety of 10baseT connectors between the transmitter / receiver and have tried three different receivers... but I have the same problems each time.

Do I have a bad transmitter? A Bad cable? Any suggestions?

Try a short run of a commercially made (and working) cable.

What cable are you suggesting I replace?

I am currently testing with a standard 1 meter Cat5e between the longview boxes. I've tried several different Cat5e cables, all with same results.

I have a Longview and also have trouble getting the touchscreen to work. I haven't tried moving the screen next to the computer, but I need to do that to see if it is the serial portion of the Longview like your issue.

I run a USB wireless mouse (which is why I haven't been motivated to move the touchscreen to test it out). However, I bought an inexpensive USB over Cat5e converter. If you find out that it is the serial portion of the Longview, you could always get this type of converter and run it over USB. Of course that would require an additional Cat5e wire, so hopefully you can drop another run.

"Really dear, it was too good of a deal to pass up. Besides, look at what it does now...."
I think my wife is getting a little tired of hearing this :-)
I'm using the longviews with no problems on two ELO touchscreens. I'm not really understanding the need for any USB converters here. The ELOs I have use RS-232 for the touchscreen control, so I just use the serial portion of the longview into a standard COM port on the PC with no issues. Are you saying that your touchscreen uses a mouse input instead? If so, why not just use the standard mouse port on the Cybex into a standard mouse port on your PC? Any USB to Serial or Mouse converter may inherently have issues due to the differences in protocol and what the cybex is expecting to transmit in the way of serial/mouse control.
I am using a USB converter between ONLY the transmitter and the PC... because I have no serial port on this computer.

The touchscreen works great when hooked up directly to the PC via the USB converter, but is ignored when I hook it via the serial system of the longview's connected to the PC via the USB converter.

I've just verified that running a mouse through the longview works fine, as does the monitor.

I may have a bad cable, a bad transmitter, or maybe it is just a voltage problem that doesn't work with the USB converter. I don't have any idea how to just test the cable for continuity or know how to measure the quality of the signal being passed to the back of the transmitter. Maybe it would all work if I just went direct from the transmitter to the PC w/out a USB converter?

It's kind of a mystery to me why current PC's lack serial capability any more. Any final suggestions before I invest in a $10 serial board???

That was going to be my suggestion....Get a COM board.

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