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Penngray's HA progress.......
downloaded and installed CQC on a PC with a fresh XP install, no annoying programs running!!

all components sitting ready to be integrated (and I have all the cables now!)......its going to be a fun week.!!!

On with the tutorial Big Grin Big Grin
We will be waiting for the progress report. Smile
tia, Ron

My Mexico Retirement HT...
Yamaha CX-A5100, (2) MiniDSP DDRC-88M, (4) JBL 8340As, (4) JBL 8320s), PS3, Intel NUCs, (2) Furman rack conditioners, Panamorph UH-480 anamorphic lens, Oppo 203, DIY B&O 14 channel amp, Pro-Ject RPM Turntable. In progress, DIY audio rack, and Synergy horns.
Dean, you should make the tutorial a quick time video Wink
btw, you should also check out those downloadble woodpanel skins. They're at . It's the 8MB zipfile.

Even if you don't use/like them, you'll see how to use widgets to get stuff done. Chapter 2 of the word doc talks you through setting up CQC/ZP/etc to do media mgmt and weather.
Devices I'm phasing out: ISY, NuVo
My vlogs:
dont worry and thanks!! I will be using as many downloads as possible. I hate doing any sort of graphics stuff myself Big Grin
Welcome! prepare not to sleep for a while....
Flying through the tutorial but I need a break to rest my eyes. amost through the user interface.....

One thing I would suggest to Dean is to separate all tasks from discussion and highlight the tasks in bold print.

ie.. the following is hard to follow in terms on executing tutorial tasks....

Quote:The first thing we'll want to do is to just create a widget. So, somewhere in the upper left part of the drawing area, right click to pop up the menu. Select New, which will expand out to offer a list of available widgets to create. Select Dynamic Text. This will create a dynamic text widget at the point where you clicked. It will have some default text of ????, just so you can find it. Otherwise, without any text to display, it can be hard to locate. Make it a little wider by putting the mouse over the right edge and dragging it out to the right.

It should have the tutorial tasks summarized and easy to follow....

1. Pick a location in the upper left corner
2. Right click to pop up menu
3. Select New
4. Select Dynamic Text

Other then that the tutorial is quick and breaks down the software quickly and easily.
Okay, Tutorial over... I didnt get into the Macro details or the driver stuff, that will come later.

Lets see if I can get the following simple start working by tomorrow.

Media PC with Zoom player and DVD Profiler (set up some movies)
4YDM Autopatch sending the audio/video to a TV and a receiver.
USB-UIRT needs to learn receiver codes first...hmmm, stuck figuring that out Sad
Okay, I have the USB-UIRT learning codes from my receiver next is to get communication to the autopatch Big Grin

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