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Looking to start HA project...need help!
Steve Wrote:IMHO, if you are pretty confident you are going to use CQC in the near future soemtime, I would take advantage of the sale this week.
In one sense of the word, having CQC to fill your time between purchasing steps is nice. I'm waiting until I can purchase a couple pieces. I have plenty to do in the meantime though.

IVB - Exactly.......I may be stuck with the old knob or slider audio bar. But I was thinking about the same thing, get the audio started and have CQC for that.

Steve -- I thought about that too. I'm not sure if I can convince the wife to spend the money just yet on CQC when I don't even have speakers in the ceiling.

Russ -- I know what you mean about passing the time. It would help dramatically if I had CQC to mess around with while I was getting my parts/pieces together. We'll just have to wait and see what I can do.

Thanks again all for your suggestions....


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