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2.0.11 IV issue, well maybe... might be something else...
Dean Roddey Wrote:If they get piled on top of each other, then you picked the wrong alignment type. Just do Ctrl-Z to undo it and try again.
but thats the thing, I didn't pick the wrong alignment, and just to make sure, I did in fact do the undo and tried multiple times... selecting from the top down works, selecting from the bottom up does not... its very repeatable (on my XP x64 box, haven't tried on the XP Pro)

Dean Roddey Wrote:On the fall over... Sorry about that. If that happens, then it should create a .ErrorInf file in the Logs directory (if not there, then search the CQC directory for it.) If you can find that and send it to me, I can figure out where that's happening and close that hole.
I just looked, and did a search for *.ErrorInf on both my MS and my PC (where I was doing the editing) no luck on finding that file, found one from 1/15, but that isn't this...
Ok, you didn't indicate that it was order specific, you just said that they wre being piled on one another.

Yes, it is order of selection dependent, though is 'as designed' really. You are supposed to put the one you one top/leftmost where you want it and the one you want bottom/right-most where you want it, then select the top, then select the others in the order you want them arranged, then select the bottom. It then both distributes and reorders as requird to get them in that order.

If you don't chose any particular order, the z-order of the widgets is used (i.e. if you just lasso select.) When you select from the bottom up, you are telling it the bottom-most guy is the first one and the top-most guy is the last one, which because they are in the wrong order it ends up putting everything on top of the bottom one.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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