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Official 5.5 Beta Release Thread
This thread is not for discussion, so please don't post here. It is for official 5.5 beta release information. There is a separate sticky thread for discussion.

To get across the 5.3.903 boundary (which introduced some significant internal plumbing changes) you have to first be on 5.3.2 or beyond, so upgrade to one of those first, then you can take the next step to the latest beta.


Latest Version: 5.4.903
Confidence Level: 90

Download Link:

The subsequent posts list changes in each beta version...
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
  • The CIDLib assert mechanism wasn't setting the file/line of the location that invoked the assert, it was doing the file/line of the handler that was invoked to build and throw the exception, which made it hard to figure out where the assert occurred.
  • Lower the minimum 5.x firmware version check in the Elk V2 driver that it uses to decide if counter queries are supported. Move it down to 5.2, which we know is working based on user systems.
  • Make it optional for TModule to adopt the installed program logger object. This allows for things like having the facility object (or some other thing) implement MLogger and install itself as the program logger. Previously it assumed it was receiving a dynamically allocated object and it would delete it.
  • There was a bug in the old Homeworks driver client interface, which was caused by the collection maximum element stuff being removed and me not getting it fully tested out.
  • Get rid of the old RIVA system, server and client. And we have to update the installer to get rid of it there, and the app shell since it no longer runs that server, and the release image builder.
  • Look at adding support for the Honeywell TH8320 thermo to the Z-Wave driver. This is by eye, but it looks pretty conventional and should work with the existing thermostat handler.
  • The old Lutron HW client side driver will time out when you save new config and have a large number of defined items. The server side is re-doing the processor setup and query of initial field values in the context of the config setting method, because there's nothing else that's going to make those initial field value queries happen. It takes so long the client times out. Normally that stuff happens in Connect() before the driver is online. Changing that will be a good bit of work, but first just try only doing the processor setup and login stuff from Connect() and skip that on config storage. See if that reduces the time enough to make the client happy.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
  • Get rid of a couple of the wee bits of ASM left in the code base, for the rotate left/right methods, and just move those up to platform platform independent, inline code done in C++. One less thing to worry about porting. The bulk byte swapping methods are still platform dependent since they can potentially get big speedups using local hardware.
  • Now that I'm using Visual Studio Code and it has syntax checking, I need to move the UNICODE define from the compiler command line generated by the build tool into the Windows per-platform defines header, so that it's seen by the syntax checking during editing. Otherwise, the IDE sees all ASCII versions of the APIs, which are not compatible with the wide character stuff I'm sending them and it marks lots of stuff as in error when it's not.
  • The SimpleFldClient CML class didn't get the new TimedFldChange2() method documented, which allows for sub-minute resolution.
  • Now that 5.4 is out, complete the previously begun work of creating a standard CQC server framework, so as to factor out most of the grunt work of setup and cleanup that the various CQC back-end services do, plus callbacks to let them customize where needed. This will make it easier to maintain and to change how servers work in the future, and it gets rid of probably the most significant code redundancy in CQC.
  • The installer is generating some no longer needed options for some of the servers, so get rid of those.
  • Update the data, event, logic, web, event, and driver servers to use the new server framework from above. A good bit of work, but it was well worth it.
  • Fix a silly error in the our core UPnP service action invocation method. Don't know if it really ever caused any issues, but it could have. It's used pretty much for all UPnP action invocation so that we can do them all generically, so it had plenty of opportunity.
  • Re-address the IV editor's alignment stuff to support align to initial selection again, which got lost in the previous version due to complexity in catching that up to a lot of changes. We need it to act reasonably both when lasso selection is done and when manual one at a time selection is done. In the latter case it should us the first one selected as the anchor for aligns. For spacing it's always the farthest ones used.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
  • Add support for namespaces to the CIDDocComp processor
  • The CQC Web Server which, along with the other CQC servers was updated in the previous drop to use the new 'server framework' I created to standardize the setup/cleanup of those programs, was still using some old data of his own when he should have been using stuff from the framework. So actions invoked from within the web server could fail due to insufficient rights.
  • Move more of the raw string stuff up out of the per-platform code to the platform independent code, to help minimize per-platform work.
  • Get the build tool mostly building on Linux. Not linking yet, and there are a few stubbed out methods, but the files are compiling, which was a big step of getting the build environment set up correctly.
  • Implement 'placement' style adding of elements to the by-value collections. This makes some things more convenient to do, and you get efficiency improvements out of it as well. Instead of constructing objects just to copy them into the collection, you just construct them in place. Making use of this will be an ongoing thing.
  • A long-hiding bug in the Z-Wave driver was found finally. If we get more than one nonce backed up from a unit, the method that finds the right nonce can get hung up.
  • There's a bug in the old Lutron Homeworks (non-QS) client side driver, which causes the attempt to add new items to fail.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
  • The composited style on the AI's main client window got lost somewhere along the line, making things flickery when resizing and whatnot.
  • Add support for the FortezZ MIMOLite Z-Wave unit.
  • Update the binary input stream system to support pushback. This will allow us to use streams in some places where currently we can't and have to use raw buffers.
  • The sys config global tab should be using + for the 'add new' buttons, not ... which means 'select'.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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