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I think Amazon may have screwed us
(05-07-2019, 03:35 PM)NishanF Wrote:
(05-06-2019, 09:29 PM)kblagron Wrote:
(05-06-2019, 05:26 PM)znelbok Wrote: Nishan - any chance you could share more on what you have done 


Sure, I'll put some stuff together.
Anyone should be able to replicate what I've done, but really I'd love Dean to integrate this into CQC to make it much more seamless.

Sorry for the delay...I went to edit the code prior to posting and promptly lost the current version. The backup was a bit old, so I had to redo's back and I'll post things soon.
I don't think I've posted here in several years, but this post is enough to bring me out of lurking.  

After not doing any real HA updates for several years (as things just work) I recently completed a rack refresh with some new equipment, and am updating CQC in the process.  Echo integration is a major requirement in the WAF department.  I've actually even considered adding to or <shudder> replacing CQC to achieve this.  I don't want to leave CQC after over a decade of using it, but simple voice control really is expected these days.  I've been extolling the virtues of our high tech smart home for over twenty years, but it's hard to answer when the wife asks why our five figure collection of gear can't do what her girlfriend does with $100 worth of Echo Dot and smart bulbs.  *We* understand the complicated beauty of a truly integrated and cohesive architecture, but it's still a fail if the rest of the family can't or won't use it.

I'm very interested to learn more about Nishan's integration, as this could be the solution I'm looking for.

Dean, I would urge you not to dismiss voice control as a key capability.  I realize that the new changes are limiting, and less desirable than the previous solution, but it's a limitation that your competition will face too.  I'm a huge CQC fan and want to see it continue, but if even a long-term user like me is weighing CQC vs other solutions due to this requirement, how well does that bode for attracting new users?  I would expect your pro installers to be demanding voice control, as that seems to be what most consumers expect.  Is that a false assumption on my part?

I think we are all very focused on how things *should* work and what we know is actually possible, and it's frustrating to see capability that falls short of that mark.  However, in twenty years of me geeking out over HA, the only time that my wife has ever gotten excited and involved with a new capability is when I introduced the Echo (and I've done array and boundary mic stuff before).  I feel strongly that even if the language is limited to their new format, it is still a crucial feature for most of the HA consumer base.  Hopefully you'll reconsider dropping native support.
If you have experience with the micing stuff, have you considered playing around CQC Voice? If you can get the mic array stuff right, it can be a really nice voice control experience because it's dedicated to the purpose and can be more conversational and all that.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Admittedly I haven't played with the latest releases yet, but based on my understanding there are some aspects of CQC Voice that would be problematic for me. I use almost entirely gen 1 drivers since I have a lot of legacy gear, and I do not use any auto-generated scenes. Additionally, the other aspects that the Echo provides outside of HA are well entrenched so those devices are not going away. Adding secondary (and much more expensive/obtrusive) mic arrays in every room, plus dealing with two different "agents"/voices/method of responding just isn't very cohesive.
So I'm a little confused. Old echo stuff works, but can't add to or modify?
Hard to do without voice once you've had it. My whole system integrated with Alexa.
I think you can add to your CQC Configuration File (echocfg.txt) stored within CQC and it will work fine, you just can't go and modify any of the Intents on the Lambda site. (At least that is my understanding).

I have been playing around with Nishan's integration, and after a couple of hurdles getting it setup, I have all 4 TV's that are near the Echo's I have: Powering On/Off, Changing channels, changing Inputs, and doing Play/Pause/FF/RW. Bonus is, you eliminate the CQC Key word, but minus is, you don't get voice information other than "Okay" that it happened.

I am working on my whole house music system now, and plan on also using it to Display Camera's on the TV's and also turn on/off pool, spa, cleaner, etc.

I haven't looked into how you do queries, or whether it is even possible, but most of the time I was not using the Query Intent.  

Nishan's link is here:

I am willing to share whatever I got if you head that direction.
Another option you can look at is running fauxmo ( on a Pi. It emulates a WeMo and sends HTTP requests - in our case it would send them to the CQC Server and you would have the HTTP driver running to handle the tasks.
Mykel Koblenz
Illawarra Smart Home

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