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Admin Client over VPN
Has anyone gotten the Admin Client to work over a VPN connection?  Due to the win 10 networking but/issue thingy I have localhost set to the IP addresses of my Master Server and other servers however when I connect via VPN CQC Admin Client will not connect to the Master Server. 

Sure I can RDP to a machine on my network but if that works then CQC should be able to connect as well...
The difference is that, when you RDP, you are on the actual remote network, and you have name lookup there. When you VPN in, you aren't on the remote network and any name lookup you do works on whatever network you are currently actually in. That's always a gotcha with VPN. You'd have to have some means of name lookup of all of the machines running CQC backend services, on the machine where you are running the VPN client. Or, the VPN client would have to have some name lookup passthrough mechanism or something.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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