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Can't add fields to ElkDev driver
I'm running 5.2.11 and want to add a security zone.

I bring up the client side driver interface and click on the zones I want to add. Pluses appear to the left of the new zones (existing zones have asterixes).  I press the save changes button on the lower left but niothing happens.  I have tried with the driver running and paused.  I check the log manager and don't see anything (aside from pause/resume of my driver).

Any ideas?

Thanks --Bob
It definitely wouldn't work if the driver is paused, since it would be talking to the driver. Put the driver into like media verbosity, then flush the logs, then try the save, and see what shows up in the logs. I assume this is the V2 compatible version of the Elk driver, right?
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
No, this is a V1 driver. I added a lot of new functions to it a long time ago and published it. The thought of updating to the V2 driver and rewriting all my screens is just too daunting.

Anyway, verbosity medium didn't reveal anything. I decided to close the client side page and it said you have outstanding changes, want to save? I said yes. The admin UI hung for a while (not responding). When it came back, my new zones had been added. Yay. Maybe the "send changes" button is just not working.

Thanks -- Bob
I also had to add a few outputs and had the exact behavior. Save did nothing, but closing the window forced a save which worked.

OK. At this point, you may be the only person using that one and it's customized, so it may have to stay that way as long as it's still doable. At some point here I'm going to get back to the Elk, and add auto-population by querying what's defined, and probably could get other stuff add to it as well. So maybe at some point you could move forward.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire

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