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5.3.2 preview
Here is a 5.3.2 candidate. If would be nice to get some feedback on it before I post it. If you are already licensed for 5.3.x, then you are good. If you are already on one of the beta previews (5.3.900 or beyond), then you already have these changes and others and couldn't go backwards anyway. But this is just 5.3.1 with just these fixes, so very minimal risk that anything was adversely affected, so more appropriate for folks who don't do the betas.

The changes since 5.3.1 are:
  • Somewhere along the line, the Scintilla editor stopped correctly processing all of the Ctrl-shifted hot keys it supports internally. Ctrl-Shift-shifted works, but not Ctrl-shifted. I have no idea why. It would just insert a control character into the text instead. The only ones that worked were the ones that were in the IDE's accelerator table, so that it was making them happen from the outside. So I had to add the others (cut, copy, paste, select all, undo, and redo) to that table and do the same. Maybe some others will be found, but I think all of the generally used Ctrl-shifted ones are there now.
  • Add some new stats to the event system. Add one in the guts to count how many events have actually been received and published, and another in the event server that counts how many it has received. Any discrepancy between the two would indicate losses, or one getting into the queue more than once. Also add one for outgoing event triggers that have been dropped due to the out going queue getting full. And add a bit more logging in these areas to help diagnose failures.
  • There is an issue in the event server that can make it lock up the thread that handles triggered events so they stop working. Scheduled events continue to work. It probably could happen to anyone, but is just unlikely unless you get a fast blast of triggers. That normally wouldn't happen unless there's an issue in your triggered event configuration. But this should insure it won't happen.
  • The event trigger receiving code keeps a list of recently received triggers, which it uses to reject dups. That list was a little small. So, if it received a blast of triggers of sufficient size quickly, it could overwhelm that mechanism and some triggers could be processed twice (causing any triggered events that it was going to make happen happen twice.) So the list size was increased.
So mostly oriented towards getting rid of some potential issues in the event server, but if you are doing any CML writing, the IDE hot key fixes will be quite useful as well.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire
There was still a lingering issue with the event server issues mentioned above. A new 5.3.2 installer was updated to get that fully taken care of. The date will be 08/08 for the latest one that's up there. There are no new changes beyond those listed above, just a revision of the triggered event processing issue.
Dean Roddey
Software Geek Extraordinaire

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